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I’m Steedan (@steedancrowe on X), and I live and breathe Product Management.

14 years ago, I started my pivot into Product Management without even knowing it. Since then, I’ve launched 7 different products from 0 to 1 and explored many others that never made it. I even launched my own SaaS product and co-founded a startup. I’ve managed and built some incredible teams in person and remotely. I’ve worked in agencies and small to medium-sized startups. Of all my experiences, my favourite was the two years I spent as the Head of Product in a startup, where we faced every challenge you could think of and triumphed over them all.

It was at that point I realized my self-taught product leadership approach was unlike most others, and I was surprised to hear how much better this approach was. That’s why I started this newsletter: to share my knowledge and experience with other Product Managers like you to help you become the best Product leader you can be.

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I help product managers and leaders create high-performing, cross-functional product teams. Helping you work through deliverability, velocity, strategy, QA and team morale challenges. Formerly product at Hopper